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Please don't overpay your transaction fees. Overpaying your transaction fee equals funding future spam attack on bitcoin network.

If you don't control your private key like using coinbase as your wallet, please don't buy from us. 

Store will be closed soon. Please use coupon "THANKYOU" for 5% discount on all gift card!

Before sending your transactions, please check the mempool here:

WALLETS Support Segwit

Make sure you have a SegWit capable wallet installed and ready to use for your next bitcoin transaction. SegWit transactions is 50% cheaper!

SegWit Enabled Wallets Wallet Type
Ledger Nano S Hardware
Trezor Hardware
Electrum Desktop
Armory Desktop
Edge iOS
GreenAddress iOS
BitWallet iOS
Samourai Android
GreenBits Android
Electrum Android

More info about segwit can be found here:



All iTunes gift cards are purchased from United States authorized dealers like best buy, target etc.

It can only be applied to your US App store account.

You will receive an email with your redemption code once your bitcoin payment is fully confirmed by the bitcoin network. 

The normal processing time is from 30 minutes to 2 hours, so please be patient.

For all payment issue, please contact 

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